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With the coming of the app ecosystem, it has lead to a new area of developments in IT Industries. App Development plays a crucial role in the organisation and startups. In the present era, many startups use App development as leading IT Infrastructure. Organisations are continually looking for new technologies. It also gives them new opportunities to promote the business and ideas.

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App Development & Design

App development refers to the process of writing codes or creating programs to perform specific tasks. These Applications usually run on devices like mobile phones and tablets that are easily accessible to consumers and make daily tasks uncomplicated and efficient. In simple terms, app development is the task of designing, developing, testing and deploying these applications to the market while also providing cost-effective app development. With the ease and affordability of owning smartphones, the popularity of app development is only increasing. Mobile devices mainly run either on Android or Ios and hence considerable strides have been taken towards Ios app development and android app development. This writing of code for different platforms is called native app development. Due to the advancement in technologies, it is now possible to write a single code for an app and use it on multiple platforms like Android and Ios. It is called Hybrid App Development, and the popularity of Hybrid App Development is ever so increasing. With the ease in user experience, less cluttering of codes and uncomplicated maintainability, many app development companies are switching to hybrid app development.

Web App Development in simple terms is nothing but improving your website in such a way, to cater specifically to users using their mobile devices. It is particularly advantageous for users who want to avoid the worry of downloading applications from the play store or the AppStore. These applications do not require any device space for installation, as they are on the web.

Native App Development is the most intricate of all the types of app development. It is because, native app development serves each platform, i.e. Android or Ios individually, which requires a developer to develop a separate code for applications for both the platforms. It is particularly time-consuming, but focusing on one Operating system at a time provides terrific user experience and perfect an app. Even though the initial cost of this app development is high, the integration with other devices and security is second to none.

Hybrid App Development is a good alternative when there are time constraints as they are easy to develop and work on both the Ios and Android platforms simultaneously. Though it does not provide the integration, security, and performance that native apps do, it surely is a cost-effective solution in terms of value for money.

Nxtech develops applications for various platforms like Android, Ios, Windows, Linux, etc. Mobile Devices are mainly dependent on the services of Android and Ios to lend their platforms to distribute their apps. At the same time, desktops and laptops run principally on Windows, with Linux and Mac still gaining popularity.

The Android platform has a more extensive user base and can help an application gain more downloads and popularity. Most of this traffic comes from the subcontinent Asian countries where ios app development hasn’t gained much popularity. Thus Asian countries continue to grip the market by offering lower android app development costs, especially in India. Android App Development is a cost-effective app development solution, in contrast to the other platforms available. With Android being an open-source platform, it makes it easier for an android app development agency to develop and maintain an application running on Android.

The IOS platform offers an experience that is second to none. It fits as this platform has to innovate to serve their premium user base consistently. These premium users are known to invest in the in-app purchases for premium services which are not the case in the applications coming through the play store. The guidelines for apps being released on the AppStore are stringent, which means only the best and the highest quality of apps can be rolled out into the AppStore. Better Security is another reason apps are being developed for ios. It prevents counterfeiting and malicious use of a user’s data.



With the boom of technology and the easy availability of smartphones, businesses are trying to take advantage of a consumer’s inclination towards their devices. By making the right investments in app development, lets you stand out from the competition by making your business more visible while simultaneously building brand loyalty. Furthermore, the sector which has found app development a lucrative venue is the E-commerce sector with revenue and sales generated through the apps running in Billions. Through Android, Ios app development, web app development, you get access to a broad consumer base on the go, while also letting you distribute information about your products and services at an instant. Push notifications help a business send relevant notifications about new products, discounts, offers to boost sales. With android being dominant in India, the android app development cost in India is lesser due to the cut-throat competition between the top mobile app development companies in India, unlike the USA where Ios app development has the majority share. It makes India a cost-effective android app development destination. One such company that has provided reliable and cost-effective app development solutions is Nxtech Solutions. The positive feedback to their services has earned them clients from all over the world and a place in the top 10 app development companies in India.



Mobile Apps are Faster: The last thing customers need is a slow and unresponsive website experience; all of this hassle can be avoided by the development of mobile-based applications. As websites continue to rely on high-resolution quality content, they end up taking a lot of time to load or access, with Mobile apps, this situation can be avoided. Along with speed comes robust security provided by the app development agencies. It allows a user to share data of their passwords, payment preferences and personalized subscriptions without any hesitation. These agencies also offer businesses simplistic backups to their data in case of emergencies.

Personalized Content: It is unlike websites that have preferences set by default, and they have no scope for changes whenever necessary. It leads to bland user engagement and makes it difficult to close a sale. By hiring the best and the right android app development agency, you can use app development to your advantage by converting these users to loyal customers without spending a lot on marketing. It also helps a brand to collect data about its users and analyze their online behaviour to make smarter marketing decisions to close a sale, which is not possible through web development.

Instant Online and Offline Access: Essential functions can be accessed without an active internet connection, unlike websites that require dedicated internet connectivity for accessing content and necessary information. Slower internet speeds can also get in the way of satisfactory user experience, and apps can avoid all of this by their slower load times through their efficient codes and programs.

Using Device Features: Applications give users the choice to allow the application, access to the device's features. These device's features include contacts, camera, GPS, etc. For instance, Snapchat and Instagram ask a user for access to their photo gallery while an application like Google Maps would want access to your real-time location. It leads to interactive user engagement and helps build a productive customer-business relationship as you are simplifying various processes for the customer, which doesn't require them to take too much effort. It leads to a positive sales conversion rate and increased brand loyalty.

Push Notifications and Instant Updates: Push notifications are received on devices regardless of a user opening an app or not. The upgrade and promotional notifications that you receive on your devices daily are Push Notifications. It leads to continuous interaction between a customer and a business which is not possible through traditional websites and these increase the chances of conversion. It is an effective alternative to other marketing campaigns like email marketing as the opening rates for emails are low, while notifications are short and to the point. It helps in attracting a customer's attention, making it a useful marketing tool. Releasing regular updates by staying in trend with your competition is necessary for today's day and age. With the ease and freedom in designing your apps, it is up to you to choose the best layouts and appearance for your apps. These choices, paired with the right app development agencies, can be crucial for any business trying to make their mark in the app development service.



Statistics suggest that India outpaces every other nation when it comes to sales of smartphones owing to its large user base. Paired with the affordability of data services even in the remote areas, has paved the way for the rise of top mobile app development companies in India, who try to bring out new and effective applications regularly. With Android being favored over IOS in India, IOS app development is still trying to catch up with its Android rival in terms of market share. The guidelines put forth by the app store are less strict as compared to its Ios counterparts, which makes it very easy for an android app development agency in India to roll its application into the market. Moreover, these agencies are best known for providing cost-effective app development solutions as compared to offshore companies.

As we know, there’s immense and crowded competition in the mobile application market. Thus, there is constant pressure to create applications that are innovative and solve a problem, which then ultimately gets noticed by the user. Hiring top mobile app development companies is a go-to way to get your application noticed as they have already had access to a well-defined user base. With mobile devices, tablets, desktops, laptops all being manufactured at different sizes and resolutions, one has to make sure that their app is compatible with all of these devices and screen Sizes or you may be missing out on a chunk of customers. It can be quite a task to tailor your app to these varieties of options. Retention Rate is related to how their impression when they use your application for the first time. If your application gives them a good idea, so there are more chances to make them come back to use your app again.

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