Bulk Messaging

Nxtech Solution is one of the best bulk sms company in india. Mobile phones have been quite dominant in this digital day and age. Organizations taking advantage of this attachment of consumers to their devices has become a crucial part of every marketing plan. Having a decisive and critical mobile marketing plan can be vital for any enterprise in asserting their dominance over the competition.

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Bulk Messaging

Nxtech Solution is SMS Company that provides cost effective bulk sms solution to its clients. It is where bulk messaging plays an essential part. It is the transmission or delivery of text messages to a large quantity of prearranged groups of recipients on their mobile phones in one go. With this productivity rate, bulk messaging has become the most convenient way of conveying your word to prospective and current customers. It is a service that is typically used by organizations for reminders, tip-offs, notifications as well as marketing. It is use for communication and distribution of information between the personnel of enterprise and the customers and its staff.

We are one of the cheapest bulk sms provider in india. Most enterprises have an extensive database of clients and associates. In situations that the enterprise wants to reach them all at once, bulk messaging can come in very handy. The information within the message sent can be used to market what you have to offer as well as communicate with the customers to receive valuable feedback from them. SMS has a broader reach and is more dependable than most of the internet and different channels of communication it offers. A customer, new or existing, doesn't have to download or install any app to receive the messages you ship and that is very convenient since customers do not want the complications of external applications. Many bulks messaging software allows you to schedule your current as well as future messages, and they are delivered at the set time without any manual input. The advantage of SMS over let us say email is that it doesn't require a data connection for it to be opened and hence the chances of a customer being interested and responding to the message are high, some statistics support this theory where it has been concluded that SMS's have a response rate of close to 45%. In contrast, emails have a response rate of a meagre 5%. Secondly most of the Emails dispatched are prone to spam, conversely, SMS provides content tailored to the recipient as compared to email, which reinforces its dominance. SMS also tends to keep the user's privacy in mind and doesn't allow the sender to see whether you are online and if or not you have viewed the message.



Advertising It is used in advertising to educate large amounts of customers about promotions, discounts and offers at one instant and thereby increase sales with effective mobile marketing campaigns. It is also useful in expanding your market reach while also being comparatively cheaper than most of the different advertising campaigns out there. Bulk messaging works at its optimum when it is associated with email marketing.

Banks Banks usually use SMS as a medium to issue single-use transaction passwords, login details. SMS's also provide real-time updates on account activity in case of suspicious acts. Consequently, it is being used to make consumers aware of policy changes, bills, and other charges. Banks can also use SMS as a means of efficient internal communication of its various branches in one go.

Tours and Travels This sector uses SMS services to update travellers on the confirmation of their booking and subsequently scheduling, modifications/ cancellation of services. It is also used to offer current and eventual customer discounts to ramp up revenues. They can also engage with their customers to have a safe journey and also greet them on special person occasions. It facilitates in building a good customer relationship.

E-Commerce Promote and educate customers about new and existing products. Gives, Order, and Payment confirmations as well as links to tracking the package. Some customers bail out on their shopping cart right before checkout, and this can be due to a variety of factors, SMS can make them aware of the items they possibly want to purchase and help close the sale. It also helps E-Commerce sites to receive feedback and ways to improve customer relationships with questionnaires and reviews.

Government Send warning messages in situations of emergencies related to natural disasters, health, education. Awareness messages about your voting centres, tax, public welfare, etc. It can also help strengthen interdepartmental communications through an efficient flow of information.

Courier Services and Logistics Make customers aware of the revised rates and company policies. Update their clients about their package delivery status, package number and the estimated delivery date. Ask the customers for feedback for improving customer communication.

Sports and recreation clubs/associations To invite prospective customers with special one-time discounts on the diverse amenities the clubs/associations provide. To educate members of the prices and also prompt existing customers about their membership renewals. Also, it can be used to greet customers on momentous occasions like festivals, birthdays, anniversaries.

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